Springfield Welcomes the Simpsons

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — An iconic day for the City of Springfield as it unveiled the anticipated Simpsons mural downtown.

For over two decades, one family has been embraced all over the world and today, that family came to life in Springfield.

“It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful,” said Jess Stafford.

Stafford couldn’t wait to introduce her family to this iconic bunch.

“I have grown up on the Simpsons my entire life. My favorite, not just cartoon but TV sitcom, and what better way to introduce my kids that are younger to such a fantastic American icon,” said Stafford.

Stafford and her family joined the hundreds who gathered at 5th and Main in downtown Springfield for the highly anticipated unveiling of the Simpsons mural on the west side of the Emerald Art Center.

“It’s gorgeous. It’s beautiful. I love that it captures parts of our real Springfield incorporated with parts of Simpsons’ Springfield, so I like it,” said Stafford.

“The mural is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve driven by it twice a day for the past three days,” said Leda Hermecz, a Springfield resident.

They also received some help dedicating the mural from a familiar face, or rather, familiar voice.

Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, also brought comfort to many Oregonians hoping to bring the Simpsons home.

“You guys probably have a bit of a leg up because Matt Groening is from Springfield, and of course, you have the genius idea to put this mural on a wall where everyone can see it, so you win,” said Smith.

“Is this the real springfield? What kind of question is that? What other Springfield is there?” said Hermecz.

“I think Homer and his family fits right in here,” said Donald Gwyther from Creswell.

“Everybody is just excited to see Springfield really in Springfield,” said Stafford.

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