Springfield’s National Night Out

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Crime prevention was the focus in Tuesday night as officers worked to educate area youth. The City of Springfield hosted the 30th Annual National Night Out.

Officers talked with kids about safety and neighborhood unity. They’re the lessons they say can go a long way towards a safe community and it’s a message they like to share.

“We can get out here and show appreciation to the citizens and let them know how much they mean to the Springfield Police Department and what a resource they are to us,” said Sgt. Tom Rappy, Springfield Police Department.

This is a national event that impacts more than 37 million people.


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  1. Vicki Jump says:

    You state on your newscast to go to web site for more info for event and make it nearly impossible to find that link. I was just about to give up. If you announce checking web site the least you can do is make that link available. This was a big hassle finding info on National Night out and still did not find info that the broadcast suggested would be there.

    1. KEZI Staff says:


      We posted a link to more information about National Night Out in our “Newslinks” section, as we said in the newscast. You can find it located at the top of kezi.com.

      Also, here is the link to today’s interview about the event: http://www.kezi.com/springfield-preps-for-national-night-out/

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