Springfield’s “The Pump Cafe” Robbed

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield’s eatery “The Pump Cafe” was robbed, allegedly by its own employee, early Saturday morning. The owner caught the suspect red handed. Shortly after midnight 31-year-old Tony Carr climbed through the window. The owner of “The Pump”, who had been alerted by the alarm company, saw Carr crawl through and exit out of a door. Carr took off with cash. The owner darted after him on foot, in flip flops, while calling police. Officers surrounded him a block away under Springfield City Hall.

“It started and ended very quickly, we had a real quick response. Really good job by the business owner giving chase and being able to direct officers to the right location and not engaging,” said Sgt. Richard Lewis with the Springfield Police Department.

The cafe didn’t skip a beat, it was business as usual Saturday. Police say alcohol was a factor.


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  1. jen says:

    this man is a loving, caring friend and father. he is an alcoholic and needs treatment not to be incarcerated. we are praying for him and miss him tremendously.

    1. gary says:

      lock him up. he belongs behind bars.

  2. Gatsby says:

    Technically, this was a burglary, not a robbery.

  3. Virginia says:

    jens right its bs that you lock him up when therer a solution to it all he was goin to self help groups. You guys wonder y theres no room in county yet you lock up this man who could have had a chance to change goin to a rehab center but no u would rather have rapos walk who cant be helped. Its disheartening and sad.and plain wrong.

  4. Prize Peezo says:

    This is a friend who needs serious alcohol treatment /program. He won’t remember he did all of this tomorrow. He needs help, he really enjoyed his job. He needs help and it’s to bad jail has to be the begining start to his recovery. If I had to tell the judge one thing on his behalf I would say he’s a pitiful drunk but a loyal friend. Get this man some help he honestly needs help with his alcohol addiction. Lets push for a program of some sort so he can be a Father to his children.

  5. springfield resident says:

    Lock him up! There are a lot of alcoholics that do not steal from people….especially the one that employ you…Glad the bond measure passed in Springfield…NOW HE CAN STAY BEHIND BARS WHERE HE BELONGS!

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