Springtime Allergy Season Begins

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EUGENE, Ore. — With all the warm weather, people in the Willamette Valley are starting to experience allergy symptoms. The Oregon Allergy Associates measure pollen in the air each day and Monday there was a high amount of tree pollen in the air.

Allergists said even with the harsh winter weather we had here in the valley, it didn’t impact our allergy season. For the next few months, anyone with springtime allergies will be sneezing, coughing, and taking their allergy medication to relieve the symptoms.

“It starts out with trees, transitions to the grass, and then we’ll go on to the weeds after that,” said allergist Dr. Kraig Jacobson.

During the next few days, once the rain rolls in the pollen count will go down, providing a little relief to people with itchy, watery eyes.

For a link to the local pollen count, click here.

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