St. Vincent de Paul Donates Books to LCC

photoEUGENE, Ore. — Spring break may be here for many schools but right now St. Vincent de Paul is hitting the books.

The nonprofit is donating 300 books to beef up the Lane Community College library. Officials from St. Vinnie’s say a librarian from LCC is specifically selecting books that encourage students to read for fun and they’re happy to help with the mission.

“We always like to see education going forward and I don’t think any of us have anything but the highest regard for LCC so I said, ‘Sure. If you could just come out here and clean it up.’ They were concerned about having it just out of one location but we have a lot of books,” said Terry McDonald, director of St. Vincent de Paul.

All the books are coming from their Division Avenue store. LCC has already picked up some books and is grabbing some more within the next week.

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