St. Vincent de Paul Opens on Chad Drive

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EUGENE, Ore. — Shoppers and supporters took at look at St. Vincent de Paul’s new headquarters.

“Thank you all for getting this done for us,” said Executive Director Terry McDonald.

McDonald graciously addressed the hundreds of people at Thursday’s opening, and then the ribbon was cut and the shopping began.

“It’s so much fun to go it’s like a treasure house you know!” said Creswell resident Alex Ortega.

The Ortegas have been to every St. Vincent de Paul location in Lane County.

On Thursday, they shopped with their son for a while, before they opted for a less crowded spot.

“I’ve got my son in there buying out the store, but we got tired so we thought we come out and sit down for a while,” Ortega said.

They say they prefer to pick through the piles when it’s not opening day, and they always stumble on some good finds.

“The sales, the prices, the people you meet, you meet some of the nicest people in the world, and we’ve enjoyed just coming to explore, you know?” Ortega said.

“I was thinking about a hundred dollar bike, but geez this is great,” said patron David Thomas.

And they’re not the only ones.

“I found a really great bargain. This is a six or seven hundred dollar bike and I got it for $239. I got a senior citizen discount,” Thomas said.

Shoppers say they feel good about saving money, but also about knowing the money they spend goes to helping the community.

The event lasts through Saturday, offering 50 percent off clothes and books.

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