Stabbing Investigation in Santa Clara

SANTA CLARA, Ore. — The Lane County Sheriff’s office is investigating a stabbing in Santa Clara Saturday morning. Deputies say a dispute got physical on Quince Street around 10:30 am. 

Investigators say Faisal Alansari stole Vanessa Prodan’s purse which contained drugs and money.  Another man, Daniel Grossman, confronted Alansari. Alansari reportedly responded with pepper spray and then Grossman stabbed Alansari. Alansari was treated and released from the hospital

All three people went to jail.  Pictures of the two men have not been released.


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  1. NEHighlander says:

    Looks like Johnny Danielson’s GF.

  2. Sparky63 says:

    I know this cruel to say, but I’ve seen corpses that look more alive than her. Maybe this is good thing she was arrested as it could have saved her life?

  3. Erica says:

    So if your going to live this lifestyle this is what u get. So if this is not what u want then change how and who u live with. You only get what u give or in this case take….So Stop feeling sorry for these people and let them get what they deserve; which in my opinion is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…


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