Stabbing Victim Upset With Jail Release

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Just six days after a local man was booked in the Lane County Jail for stabbing someone, he was released.

Capacity based releases are a pretty common occurrence at the Lane County Jail, but until now Jacob Hartman never felt impacted by these releases.

That was before a man who stabbed him was released from the jail.

Hartman is out of the hospital and aside from a cane he’s using to help himself walk, it’s hard to see what he’s gone through in the past week.

“He got me four times in the leg and once in the abdomen and an attempt in the rib cage,” said Hartman.

His girlfriend Cassie’s ex husband, Erik Libbert, allegedly attacked Hartman after breaking into Cassie’s Springfield home. “When he came to the house he came with lethal intent and I’m sure that if I wasn’t there there would’ve been fatalities,” said Hartman.

Springfield Police arrested Libbert after the dispute and until Saturday he was lodged in the Lane County Jail. But on Sunday he was no longer in custody. “I mean, I don’t understand why they’re letting him out. From what I understand they just got a bunch of funding. For somebody that violent to be let out less than a week later is pretty confusing,” said Hartman.

But the jail hasn’t expanded its services yet. It plans to house more violent individuals starting July 8th, doubling the amount of jail beds it currently has.

But even with this expansion, Hartman still worries about these capacity-based releases. “I mean, this guy could’ve easily been there and there could’ve been multiple fatalities and he should not be out on the street,” said Hartman.

Hartman has the wounds to show how violent this attack got. It took 13 internal stitches, 10 external stitches, and 39 staples to repair the wounds.

But Hartman feels these wounds aren’t so bad compared to what could’ve happened if he were not there. “Definitely, definitely feel better that it was me and not any of the children or any of the women that were in the house. I got stabbed five times and as far as I’m concerned it was once for her and each of her children,” said Hartman.

Two of those kids are Libbert’s children, but after this attack Cassie obtained a restraining order to keep the family safe.

The Lane County Jail said Libbert was released early Saturday afternoon and is currently wearing an electronic ankle bracelet.


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  1. jason marks says:

    next time you better shoot him.

    1. Vetzero says:

      You know…I think you may be on to something here, Jason.

      Shooting him looks justifiable in this case.

      A case of self defense….or should have been.

      We just may start seeing more of this as violent crimes increase in Lane County and at the rate we’re going, I see no reasons why it won’t.

      Summers here…..gonna get ‘hot’.

      Armor up ?

      1. DanWrit says:

        Pfft, it’s EUGENE. Crime here is a joke. It’s safe as can be, aside from the cops raping and murdering people, and the occasional college frat killing a street kid. ‘Course we don’t worry about those crimes.

        It’s like, suck it up whitey, you’re living the dream here.

        1. Vetzero says:

          Oh, but I am.

          Trash pickup, graffiti abatement, neighborhood watch patrols…to begin with.

          Anything to do with tweeker activity get’s wrote up and sent to PD…at the drop of a hat.

          I look for drug pickup and drop-offs, sales and so forth…wherever it’s going down…take pictures and write notes, tag numbers, etc.

          Focusing especially on meth, always looking for signs of that. I HATE the stuff and anyone who sells it…….real bad.

          That’s right, This is Eugene and it’s turning into a toilet like Oakland and other cities out here.

          My job is to put a dent in that and slow it down to the point where society can reverse the trend towards insanity and loss of an entire new generation of Oregonians as the last ones are…already wasted……gone.

          This IS Eugene…we don’t like using racial slurs here, like ‘whity’…….’boy’.

          Watch what you write. You never know who may be reading this stuff.

          Yuh dig ?

  2. brenda says:

    If Lane County was doing their job like they say they are then Lane County would have kept dangerous people like this off the streets. What is it going to take, some one getting killed before they act like it requires their attention? If this would have been some one in there circle of people would it have made it a priority? Some one they love? I proud of you Jake this county is proud of you, Your mother raised you right, unfortunately there are those out there with no sense of values like yourself.

  3. Vetzero says:

    Yeau, I’d be upset too, I reckon so.

    Lane County Jail still has a revolving door policy with offenders…even violent one’s like that one out loose on our streets because the good citizens are complicit with them…or they would have already voted to improve law enforcement and expand the jail to it’s fullest capacity.

    Now, you didn’t vote against the law enforcement questions put to voters last time did you ?

    Sure would be sad if you did, seeing your going through this now. Very unfortunate, I’m relieved your ok and survived the attack.

    I think a little ‘self defense preparedness’ may be in order for you, young man ?

    Hmmmm ?


    My question is…as it always is.

    Drugs got something to do with this ? What kind ? This wasn’t random so why did the man come after you like that ?

    What brought that on ?

    You know what I want here….answers.

  4. ahshucks says:

    LCS is a joke, I can’t/can believe the smart/stupid people of Lane County supported that tax increase. I tell we have a bunch of really stupid Lib Tard’s in the State, County and City.

    1. Ron says:

      ahshi*s..is your momma as stupid and inbred as you????

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