Starting Fires with Recycled Materials

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EUGENE, Ore. — For anyone looking to start a fire to stay warm during the cold nights, there’s a product made from recycled material to get the fire going.

Ecofire Starters are handcrafted blocks made from partially used candles and cotton. The candles, sorted according to color, are melted in crock pots and the cotton is from recycled mattresses.

Dave Tussing works in the St. Vincent de Paul’s store off Broadway Avenue making the 100 percent recycled blocks using 100 percent recycled equipment.

“We kind of have to think a lot of our product, not what was it, but what could it be,” said Tussing.

Tussing begins to make the blocks by placing a piece of cotton onto a cookie sheet; hot wax is then poured on top and evenly distributed. The sheet is placed on a cooling rack so the wax can harden and then finally cut into individual pieces to be lit.

“The fiber on there is what’s going to catch the flame from your match,” Tussing said.

Ecofire Starters are available at all St. Vincent de Paul stores in sets of eight or an economy size.

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