Starting October Sunny

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Justin’s Monday Night Forecast Discussion:

Can you believe its the first of October already? Sure doesn’t feel like it outside and it won’t for most of the week even though the leaves have been changing, the dry, sunny, late summer feel will stick around. Fall’s here as our overnights have been chilly and that’ll continue this week with mainly clear skies and lows in the mid to low 40s. Tomorrow, we’ll add some morning clouds but that should only be for a few hours before and after sunrise.

High pressure in the Northern Pacific will continue to block out any and all storms that try to move in this week. Tomorrow and Wednesday, a huge Canadian high drops into the Rockies and should provide a very tight pressure gradient across Western Oregon. What that’ll mean for us is a breezy couple of days and downright windy along the coast. Highs most of the week will sit around the low 70s and we’ll see plenty of sunshine with an offshore wind.

By the weekend, an upper level low will slowly slide up the Northern California coastline and may bring some high clouds and maybe a stray shower to the Southern Cascades, but that’s about the only rain chances we’ll see on the horizon.

Have a great Tuesday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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