State House Approves Cougar Hunting Bill

EUGENE, Ore. — A bill that would allow hunters to use hounds to hunt cougars is on its way to the Oregon Senate.

The bill passed in the House this week. It would let hunters use dogs to tree the big cats, which is illegal right now even though it is okay to hunt cougars.

The bill’s supporters say these animals are dangerous, but one wildlife advocacy group says that’s not the case.

“In all of Oregon’s history, there’s never been one cougar attack on a human. There’s not one documented attack,” said Brooks Fahy, Predator Defense spokesman.

Under the bill, counties would be able to opt out of the hound ban on cougar hunting.

Each year the state sells about 54,000 cougar hunting tags.

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  1. Postone says:

    I don’t have a problem with hunting this animal. But not using dogs to do it!

    If you were any kind of a hunter you could bag your cougar without the use of dogs!

    Typical lawmakers, bowing to who ever pays the most money….

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