State Issues Paving Scam Alert

Construction Contractors BoardMARCOLA, Ore. — There’s a warning out about a street paving scam in Lane County.

Scammers are showing up on people’s doorsteps, offering what’s supposed to be a great deal on extra asphalt.

The state Construction Contractors Board says it recently happened to a property owner in Marcola. The homeowner didn’t fall for it, but it could happen again, especially with pending change of seasons.

“In the spring and early summer months, we see a high influx of out-of-state paving scammers, people who travel when it’s good weather in the different areas of the country, and basically conduct paving scams and are not licensed in the state,” said Terry Roach, a CCB investigator.

They say legitimate contractors typically don’t solicit work door to door.

If you have any concerns, contact the CCB at 503-378-4621.

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