State of the County Addresses Triumphs

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County reflected on the past and forecasted the future during the annual State of the County Address Monday morning.

As each newly elected official took the oath, there was a sense of a fresh start and renewed promises.

“I’m going to work hard to protect our veterans, seniors, the un-housed, the crime victims those with disabilities,” said Commissioner Pete Sorenson.

In a packed Harris Hall, dozens watched as Sheriff Tom Turner, Commissioner Pete Sorenson and, the newest, Commissioner Pat Farr were sworn in and addressed the crowd on a year completed and a new one beginning.

“We need to join together to use our greatest assets to serve Lane County. Our greatest assets. The natural resources that grow here and the people who live here,” said Comissioner Pat Farr.

That was focus of this year’s State of the County Address, delivered by Comissioner Sid Leiken, looking at the assets the county has and how in the past year it’s made the most with so much less.

“We made cuts where we had to make cuts,” said Leiken.

Leiken discussed how he believes the county staff has worked to triumph over those cuts.

“Our Sheriff’s Office found ways to bridge the gap with new revitalized volunteers and neighborhood watch programs countless community awareness meetings,” said Leiken.

He also talked above how the community battled some of the worst floods in recent history.

“The people of Lane County came together, first to evacuate and then rescue folks and put roads and homes back together,” said Leiken.

Leiken didn’t ignore the fact that’s there’s a possibility for more storms ahead; but with recent efforts to improve economic development, like working to making it easier for more businesses to build in rural areas. Everyone promised to do all they can to make Lane County a desirable destination.

“Most importantly, Lane County has a bright and promising economic future,” said Leiken.

Lane County adopted their 2012-2013 budget back in June, which included a nearly $100 million cut to the budget and a loss of 188 full-time employees.


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  1. Dave says:

    A pack of lies. County Commissioners need to be recalled for their failure to provide adequate public safety.

    1. jason marks says:

      the county failed.

      only in oregon do we herald that as a success story.

      we need to officials.

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