State Overpaid Jobless Benefits Money

SALEM, Ore. — An audit found the state of Oregon overpaid jobless benefits last year by $41 million. Now the state is asking for that money back.

The audit found two major errors: The unemployment benefits system allowed people to get paid on two different claims, and some could receive more than the weekly benefits allowed.

“I think this is the first time we have had to deal overpayments that were truly technical issues. In terms of overpayments, we didn’t have a hard stop so that people wouldn’t get overpaid. We do now,” said Dee Anna Hassanpour, Deputy Administrator Unemployment Insurance Program.

The state is still in the process of sending out the letters, but not everyone has to pay the money back.

There is a waiver form option if you think getting extra money wasn’t your fault.


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  1. David Menninger says:

    I was overpaid from Feb. To Mar. For 5 weeks. Now I’m being garnished and the say that it’s my fault. I don’t believe that I should have to pay back their technical error.

  2. musicman60 says:

    well i guess your wrong so you think you should just get money you dont deserve yep another welfare bum

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