State Rests Rebuttal in Gillette Case

GilletteEUGENE, Ore. — The state rested its rebuttal Wednesday in the Johan Gillette double murder trial. Closing arguments in the case are now set for Friday.

Three witnesses were called back to the stand in the state’s rebuttal, including Oregon State Forensic Scientist Traci Rose and Deputy State Medical Examiner Daniel Davis.

The prosecution questioned Rose again on where blood spatter was found in relation to where James Gillette and Anne McLucas were found.

Johan Gillette is charged with murdering his father James Gillette and partner former UO School of Music Dean Anne McLucas. The prosecution claims Johan used a wrench to beat them, then used bleach to cover up those crimes.

Deputy District Attorney Stephen Morgan asked Rose to hypothesize if a person on the bed was receiving blows from someone who was on their knees on the floor, would there be blood staining on the bed? She says she would expect to see blood on the bed.

But Rose testified there wasn’t any blood found on the bed or any blood spatter that would lead her to believe the person receiving the blows was on the bed.

In Johan Gillette’s testimony, he said he pushed his father James Gillette onto the bed, defending himself after his father reached for a gun. But the defense questioned Rose about blood found on the sheets.

“You did testify that you saw some blood on the sheets of the bed, right?” the defense said.

“Yes, we could see a small amount of blood staining up near the head of the bed at the pillow area,” Rose said.

But Rose says she was told it was transfer stains on the bed from when the paramedics moved Anne McLucas.

Nick Wedmore, the Lane County search manager, also took the stand and testified on the extent of their search for a possible weapon.

Deputy State Medical Examiner Daniel Davis testified about specific marks on both bodies.

Closing arguments in the trial are scheduled for this Friday.

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