State Workers Poised For Strike

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Some state government workers bargained with the State of Oregon Monday, but they will take a vote Tuesday that could also¬†authorize a strike. Contracts for approximately 19,000 workers in a variety of Department of Human Services jobs have recently expired.

The two sides are reportedly close on the issue of pay, but workers are concerned about the state hiring contractors and diminishing health care benefits.


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  1. jason marks says:

    just fire them, get someone who appreciates how hard tax payers work so the state and its employees can squander it with unending cash grabs and demands.

  2. JC says:

    Well, Mr. Marks, your overly simplified solution to the situation might put your welfare benefit payments in delay…you don’t seem to understand how significantly underpaid state employees are when compared to the open market. They no longer get the Tier 1 benefits on retirement that were promised to them for 30 years of work (including the newest state legislature’s plans to again cut that…), they are paying portions of their health care, and they’re being paid a poverty line wage…it’s not a profitable business working in a non-profit business of state employment. They do not go for cash grabs, simply trying to get equitable pay for equal work. Contrary to popular opinion, most state workers aren’t the lazy, griping folks people try to make them out to be in this state…most all that I have met have been very customer oriented and willing to do what it takes to help…that is excepting the police forces of the state who routinely get automatic raises just because they have a different union and hey, who wants the cops to go on strike, right?

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