States Industries Experiences Layoffs

EUGENE, Ore. — Some people are out of a job after being laid off by States Industries in Eugene.

Those who were laid off say they were shocked by the layoffs because they recently got raises.

A former employee told KEZI 9 News that the letter he received from the company says more than 30 people were let go.

“(Monday) I was told there were going to be layoffs and I was going to be one of the layoffs,” said Damon Wilson, former State Industries employee.

Wilson says everything at States Industries was looking up.

“We were told that things were going to get great and better and wonderful,” Wilson said.

And then he got the phone call.

“We all just got to go home. I was told to call the unemployment office and was told I was laid off,” Wilson said.

Wilson says he was told by the hardwood company that 33 employees were let go, along with all temps and graveyard shifts.

The company president says recent tariff deals with China and unfairly traded materials are factors that led to layoffs.

“Finding a job making the good wage that I was, it’s going to be hard to get back to that point again, so i’m going to have to start at the rock bottom again. It’s not good,” Wilson said.

Even though he’s out of a job, Wilson says there are no hard feelings.

“My feelings toward the company are just fine. I like the company. I believe the company sincerely help people and make things better for everyone, but unfortunately I feel like they got the shaft,” Wilson said.

And so the job hunt begins for Wilson, but before then, Wilson said, “Things are going to get better. Ducks are going to win on Saturday and I’ll find another job.”

Wilson was a temp worker and says he was told by the company he could re-apply. KEZI 9 News reached out to States Industries earlier, but was unable to do an on-camera interview.

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