Staying Cool at the Fair

EUGENE, Ore. — People at the Lane County Fair are having lots of fun, but fair coordinators don’t want safety to take a backseat to the excitement.

They’re asking that people be sure to keep cool and take advantage of the resources provided.

Lane County Fair staff realize that with the intense heat, people attending the fair are going to need to stay hydrated and cool, so they’ve provided many different ways for everyone to stay safe for free. Rachel Bivens, Lane County Fair Director of Marketing, says food vendors sell water and refreshments, but bringing a water bottle is also a good idea.

In the middle of the fairgrounds is a free water refill station, water fountains, and a misting station, provided by the Springfield Utility Board. In addition to drinking water, she has other recommendations.

“Wear your sunscreen, wear a hat or a visor, make sure to have some sunglasses on, and then hydrate. Make sure you’re using the water refill station or purchasing some water and sitting down and resting when you’re getting a little overheated,” said Rachel Bivens, Fair Director of Marketing.

Bivens says there are also tents and trees around the fairgrounds that provide shade for cooling off.

Fair staff want people to know that there are paramedics on the fairgrounds during fair hours, as well as security that can provide help for anyone that doesn’t feel well.

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