Staying Safe While Camping

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Don’t let the warm summer weather fool you, especially if you’re heading out camping.

Thunder and lightning storms could happen at any time, depending where you camp.

Staff at Cabela’s in Springfield say summer, especially now, is high time for camping. And with storms popping up all over, it’s important that people headed outdoors be ready for anything.

Camping experts say having a sturdy tent with a fly is key in the often unpredictable, rainy weather.

But, when it comes to lightning, there aren’t many gear options that could help keep you safe. Even fiberglass tents have metal in them.

If you’re in a group, your best bet is to disperse to open space and get low to the ground with both your feet on the ground, or if your car is nearby, jump in.

“You’ve got the greatest protection outside of being in a building in your car. It’s just drop your tent if you have time. Throw some rocks on it so it doesn’t blow away and jump in the car and just sit in the car and avoid touching the metal and you’ll be great,” said Richard Patridge, camping retail sales outfitter.

Camping experts also suggest investing in a NOAA weather radio to get updates while you’re out.

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