Stellar Apartments Grand Opening

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EUGENE, Ore. – St. Vincent de Paul is hoping to help with the high demand for low income housing. It held a grand opening for its newest housing development in west Eugene, Tuesday.

One day soon, dozens of families will be able to come home to a brand new apartment. Tuesday hopeful tenants toured the apartments with dreams of moving in.

The sad reality is there are hundreds of applications for the 54-unit energy-efficient complex. There are specific requirements to qualify.

The complex features one, two and three-bedroom units and a complex that fits the most energy efficient standards in the world.

“I think this may be the first passive apartment building in the northwest. And having the opportunity to demonstrate it does indeed talk to the flavor of our community,” said Ben Cook, Stellar Apartments On-Site Manager.

A Passive House is a category of the most energy efficient homes in the world. The city of Eugene contributed more than $1 million in funds to the project as well as Wells Fargo.

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