Stephanie Condon’s Parents React to Hill Verdict

April 6, 2011

By Sharon Ko

ROSEBURG, Ore. — For the first time, Stephanie Condon’s parents speak out about the jury’s verdict in the Dale Hill case.

As Hill walks away a free man, Marty and Stephanie Condon say they’re left with nothing but disappointment.

“We get something after almost 13 years, this is what we get, an urn,” says Marty Condon.

Marty hoped the jury in Hill’s trial would have heard about Hill’s multiple failed polygraph tests, his prior conviction for stealing women’s underwear and interests in violent pornographic material.

“I don’t blame them. Under the rules I would have probably voted not guilty myself,” says Condon.

He calls the defense team’s tactics, tasteless.

“It was not about the truth. It was about manipulation and pointing fingers, an art form,” says Condon.

Now the couple has to live with the verdict. They want Hill to live with it too.

“I want to be perfectly clear. I don’t want anything to happen to Hill. I absolutely do not. I don’t want people to build their frustrations you know. I want him to live with this for the rest of his life,” says Condon.

Stephanie’s father says he hopes people will remember his daughter just as they did. He says she was full of life, smart and sweet to everyone she knew.

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