Stolen Car Leads Police Chase

Devon Glenn

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Two men were arrested Monday night for leading Springfield Police on a chase with a stolen vehicle.

Police say around 9 p.m. an officer noticed a recently reported stolen car on Q Street near 19th Street. When the officer attempted to pull the car over it sped off, nearly hitting two pedestrians. After a short pursuit, the car crashed into a tree on 17th Street and the suspects fled on foot.

With the help of a K9 unit, the officers were able to track the two suspects down.

Police arrested Devon Glenn, 33, and Dustin Borg, 32, on multiple felony charges.  The men are being held in the Lane County Jail.

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  1. Vetzero says:

    No use asking why. We should know the answers to that by now.

    We already know that many young have lost their moral compass or never had one at all from the beginning….I blame their parents and poor guidance from their male parent, or absence of one.

    This happens because of drugs, alcohol, and hatred mixed with disdain for the American way of life. Or because they felt left out and this was their way of getting back at the system and people in general.

    Without looking at options where they needed to take their lives and find their place in the world…they take the easy way out…took drugs, started drinking….did something ‘cute’.

    Stole the vehicle, attracted Police attention, destroyed the victim’s vehicle, there is no way to know if that victim can replace their vehicle or not….they never think about that.

    Took police dogs to find them both because these cowards and smirking fools ran like rabbits.

    They will set in Lane County jail in the newly expanded section….and we can only hope they draw several years of prison time before they are unleashed upon the population again….worse then before.

    This is all we as a society have to look forward to from these young….again and again and again…..while other young die in forest fires, overseas in SW Asia, etc.

    S I G H…………….it’s not my fault, can’t blame me. I didn’t bring any of these kind into the world and no child of mine was ever responsible for atrocities being committed against us all and certainty not like this

    The problem….Mexican Meth…Heroin…Cocaine (crack) exported up here, mixed with booze and these young fools that use these chemicals because life hasn’t met their expectations.

    I can predict their future…jails, institutions, prisons, overdose, death.

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