Stolen Decorations Anger Family

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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. –A Cottage Grove couple says someone stole their Halloween.

The Basque’s say thieves made off with a number of their decorations. The couple has lived in Cottage Grove for 37 years and say decorating their lawn for the holidays is a tradition.

Ron Bascue says someone stole their huge blow up pumpkin and its air compressor. He says the thieves also stole a number of his homemade decorations that can’t be replaced.

The couple filed a police report and say when they did, the police told them others along the street also had items stolen.

“Whoever it is that is doing this, it is not right,” added Basque. “I want to file charges against them and get them into court and let them stand in front of that judge and explain to him why they took that stuff you know it’s stealing.”

He says this isn’t the first time someone has stolen their decorations.

Basque says he just hopes someone will return the decorations, especially the homemade ones that are more personal.

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