Stolen Sculpture Returned

EUGENE, Ore. — A piece of valuable art got reunited with its creator Friday, after someone stole it nearly 20 years ago.

Eugene resident Anne Caldwell found the art while cleaning up a rental property after she evicted some tenants more than 10 years ago.

Caldwell put it in her garden and didn’t think much about it, until recently when she contacted a Eugene Police Detective about the piece.

The detective did some searching and learned the bronze sculpture belonged to Eugene artist Mike Leckie.

“I think this is really interesting. It just shows how small town we live in because they found me pretty easily and Anne is a friend of my neighbor so we had met in the past,” Leckie said.

Leckie says the piece was the official art for the 1989 World Masters Championship at Hayward Field. It was part of a set he sold years ago, but this one disappeared.

Leckie says he still makes pieces similar to this, but they aren’t made of bronze. This one is and is worth about $6,000.

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