Stolen Stroller Returned To Grandmother

EUGENE, Ore. –A Bethel grandmother says she’s happy and relieved after her stolen six seat stroller was returned.

Theresa Richardson had her stroller stolen Wednesday morning and says it was a crucial part of her daycare.

After our story aired a viewer contacted the station saying she saw the stroller at another daycare.

KEZI 9 News contacted the daycare and the owner told us her daughter had purchased the stroller.

We then contacted that daughter who told us her boyfriend bought it off of a man on the street for $100 and that she was embarrassed to find out it was stolen and she wanted to return it.

Sometime before 8:00 p.m. Thursday, Richardson says someone left her a message saying the buggy was back. It was sitting at the end of her driveway when she returned home.

Richardson says the whole story sounds a bit odd, but the important thing is that the stroller is back and now she can transport the kids again.

“It has just been a lifesaver to have it. I told my parents today that they would know when it came back because they would feel the earth shaking from my dance of joy,” said Richardson.

We have passed the information on to Eugene Police and they are looking into the situation surrounding its return.

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