“Stop the Greed Agenda” Stops in Eugene

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — A bus making a national tour across the country stopped in Eugene and Springfield Tuesday as part of the Stop the Greed Agenda campaign.

Patriot Majority USA organizers want to call out the billionaire Koch brothers and other special interest groups. They say some of those special interest groups also sponsored legislation to gradually reduce voting rights.

“What’s really important to all of us is that we actually go to as many smaller mid-size communities across the country because that’s where the heartland of America is, and that’s why we really wanted to be here,” said Sid Voorakkara, Patriot Majority USA Spokesperson.

The tour will travel through a total of 25 states and wrap up at the end of the month.


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  1. jason marks says:

    Gee, since the Koch Brothers made their money one gallon of fuel at a time, I’d be more impressed if you walked out your protest.

    Gee, the group of Koch Foundations have given away to charities BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars.

    Doesn’t sound much like your version of greed to me.

    Aren’t you glad that free enterprise is alive and well in America. Funny, someone see’s what someone else has and they think they are not entitiled to one cent of it.

    Did I forget to mention the BILLIONS of dollars given to hospitals, education, cultural arts, the Smithsonian, NOVA, cancer research.. heck I don’t even know a fraction of it.

    Research and education at 230 colleges and universities, YMCA, at risk youth, scholarships, Theatures, surgery centers,

    Doesn’t seem that Greedy off hand to me.

    How about “THANK YOU”.

  2. Tom Jonest says:

    this tour bus group won’t be happy until everyone in america is bankrupt.

  3. Linda Peterson says:

    Tom and Jason obviously support the Koch Brothers because the Koch are for Citizens United, support Free Trade agreements that ship our jobs overseas, believe that workers should work for slave wages, and are strong supporters of activist judges that they control. Good Heavens!

  4. Jeremy Hedlund says:

    The Koch Bros. are trying to privatize my education. As a student at the UO, I’m thankful to this group for bringing light to the super messed up policy platforms of these greedy people.

  5. Shelley Jensen says:

    The Koch family of industrialists and businessmen is most notable for their control of Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the United States. The family business was started by Fred C. Koch, who developed a new cracking method for the refinement of heavy oil into gasoline. Fred’s four sons litigated against each other over their interests in the business during the 1980s and 1990s. The Koch brothers are synonymous with greed. The Koch brothers have been spending some of their fabulous wealth, earned at the expense of the environment, to finance voter suppression in places where people don’t share their values of getting ahead by exploiting others.

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