Stores Selling Out of Winter Necessities

EUGENE, Ore. — The shelves at Jerrys that are usually filled with space heaters sit empty, as customers have been stocking up on cold weather necessities all weekend long. “Anything cold weather related, ice melter of course was one of the first things to go. Scrapers, deicer, the spray deicer for locks, heaters, snow shovels,” said Kevin Marsh, Jerry’s manager.

Not only is the store running out of outdoor supplies, but the plumbing department has been packed with people looking for solutions for freezing pipes. “We are unfortunately going through a lot of that faster than we’d like,” said Marsh.

Across town, Berg’s Ski Shop is seeing the same rush as people hurry in to get warm clothes, boots, hats, and gloves. “Just a lot of energy the last few days. A lot of families playing and throwing snowballs and sledding. Things like that and just really going out there and having fun in the snow,” said Dale Berg, owner of Berg’s Ski Shop.

The Villano family looked all around town for a sled, but couldn’t find one at the big stores like Target or Bimart, but had better luck at Berg’s. We’re getting a sled here at Berg’s and we don’t have one yet, but we have this giant hill over at our house and I just thought it’d be really fun to go sledding today,” said Evan Villano.

With a few layers and ski clothes, they said they’re looking forward to hours of fun in the snow. “A couple hours, maybe if we’re having fun three,” said Villano.

Stores are enjoying the excitement and fun everyone’s having out in the snow. “It’s a little out of character for them. For a lot of them, not going up to the slpes with the snow in Eugene, they’re going wow it’s right here in our backyard and we’re having a lot of fun doing that with our families,” said Villano.


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  1. jasonmarks says:

    “We are unfortunately going through a lot of that faster than we’d like,” said Marsh.

    I guess he would prefer no sales rather than brisk ones.


    1. anonymous says:

      He probably meant for the customers. Because those empty shelves do you SO much good when you’re waiting for the shipment of replacements to come in.

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