Storm Causes Minor Damage

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EUGENE, Ore. — City leaders in Springfield and Eugene say the record rain and high winds didn’t leave much damage behind. They say overall there wasn’t much damage, only a few trees down and some localized flooding, but the storm was a good training tool to help prepare for the rest of fall and winter.

Monday was clean-up day at Diana Perry’s house, a day after a tree came crashing down in her yard.

“It was a loud crack. Just very loud. We had lost part of tree last year in the snow and then they cut off part of it; but, I think we’re probably going to lose the tree,” Perry said.

Perry says she underestimated the power of the storm.

“I didn’t know that rain could make a big branch like that come down. So it was pretty surprising,” Perry said.

Diana was the exception. City leaders say there weren’t many calls for fallen trees or flooding.

“We got about a dozen calls and we did bring a few folks in from our street maintenance and our tree crews just to make sure we kept up with any of the calls that we got,” said Eric Jones, City of Eugene Public Works.

“Our crews were out Thursday and Friday clearing storm drains, sweeping the streets, and that helped with a lot of the localized flooding so it didn’t get out of hand,” said Neil Laudati, City of Springfield Community Relations Director.

There was only some localized flooding at intersections where the water tended to back up.

Perry says she’s just relieved the tree didn’t fall on her house and everyone is safe. Now that it’s over, she says it provided her family some pretty good entertainment.

“My grandson had a great time, he thought this was the most exciting thing, cutting down the tree and everything,” Perry said.

City of Eugene leaders mentioned the storm did impact some road work projects because they’re weather dependent.

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