Storm Cleanup Efforts Continue

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EUGENE, Ore. — There are still downed trees all over western Oregon keeping cleanup crews busy, but there are other new concerns coming in the aftermath of the storm.

On Norkenzie Road near Cal Young Road, residents say the storm is creating potholes in the road, in addition to the downed trees and electric problems.

Those responding say they’re working their hardest and are asking for patience.

“We have some seriously dangling trees, dangling branches,” said Eugene resident Ed Sussman.

With debris all over the city and in yards, tree services say they are staying busy.

“Our crews are working six days a week, and these guys are working 70 plus hours a week,” sadi Teresa Damron, Sperry Tree Care General Manager.

Damron says they are looking at several months of work, and they’re not letting the weather get in the way of their work.

“The weather has not slowed us down. We keep going. The only thing that will get us out of the trees is if there are unsafe winds or other unsafe weather conditions,” Damron said.

But before the problem with trees is even over, residents say another problem is arising.

“Nothing but a lot of potholes on Norkenzie. It’s really bad. If you hit them once in a while, it’ll wake you up. They need to be worked on. They’re out there. You go over there in the morning, you’ll hit it,” said Eugene resident Carl Lane.

Some KEZI 9 News viewers said some real trouble spots with potholes are in the Churchill neighborhood along 18th Avenue and also Goodpasture Island road where drivers say they’ve blown out tires and even lost wheels.

Whether crews are responding to power outages, potholes, or downed trees, Damron says responders are all on the same boat and they only ask one thing of residents.

“This has been an overwhelming event, and we’re asking for people to be patient and understanding. Everyone is overwhelmed, and everyone is doing the very level best they can,” Damron said.

Sussman says he’s noticed the hard work from EWEB crews to tree services. He says there’s been no such thing as a slacker.

“I haven’t seen a slacker in a week. No, they’re working really hard, and you have to remember there’s a real safety issue here,” Sussman said.

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