Storm Keeps Tree Crews Busy

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EUGENE, Ore. — While many people are choosing to kick back and stay dry indoors, tree services in the area are outside soaking up the work opportunities.

“It’s always busy at this time of year for us. Having this on top of what we have, we’re kind of book. We’re kind of booked,” said Alby Thoumsin, Sperry Tree Car.

Sperry Tree Care Company was out in the rain doing work Monday, cleaning up branches and trimming trees to prevent further mess.

“This year in particular it’s funny. We had some rain early on in the season, and people seem to respond to that,” Thoumsin said.

Eugene resident Sandra Harland says she’s lucked out with the weather so far compared to last year.

“So far we haven’t had any large debris on my roof, which is fortunate because last year we had a puncture on the roof, so we had to do some roof repair,” Harland said.

She says the roof has been safe so far, and the yard has had just enough to keep her busy.

“We just have small bits of trees and branches on the ground,” Harland said.

But others around the city haven’t been as lucky, seeing trees fall in their yards.

Thoumsin says everything from small branches to larger trees keep their phones ringing. He says that’s a good thing.

“There’s only so much you can predict. If people have doubts, it’s always nice to have somebody like us to come and inspect,” Thoumsin said.

Tree services say it’s a good idea to get your trees inspected once a year to prepare for fall and winter.

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