Storms Hit Southern Oregon Coast

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BANDON, Ore. —¬†Without much room between the systems, the weather could make quite a mess both on the southern Oregon coast and riverside towns.

There was a high surf advisory in effect until noon Thursday, with up to 28 foot breakers–and that is just the beginning.

“If you go out in oceans like this, you may never come back,” said Kurk Knutson, Y Marina Manager.

These large swells aren’t going anywhere, at least for the next week. For the next seven days, the forecast shows heavy rain and winds all along the southern Oregon coast.

“The jetties are very, very rough/ You get the currents and the high wind, just really rough,” Knutson said.

The Y Marina in Coos Bay says even though they warn customers not to take their boats out in this weather, some still do.

“We see that occasionally, mostly people from out of town wanting to go out. They travel a long ways and want to take their boats out, but it’s just very dangerous in these kinds of seas,” Knutson said.

In Coquille, they’re more worried about the swell of the river than the ocean, considering they already got a taste of storm damage last week.

“Last week’s storm the river came up a lot faster and the river rose a lot faster than they usually do,” said Coquille resident Rufus King.

The Coquille River already flooded once last week and it’s fixing to spill over again Friday, which means King and his neighbors have more work to do.

The river is forecasted to rise 13 feet in the next 24 hours, taking it two feet above flood stage. King says a little flooding is common in Coquille, but continuing rain will keep the river that high for the next seven days, a lengthy stretch of storms making more of a mess than usual both in Coquille and out on the coast.

A high seas advisory is in effect through Saturday which means stay out the the water and off the beaches.

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