Stormy Weather Sticking With Us


Melissa-Frey-500x500-250x250Meteorologist Melissa Frey’s Tuesday Forecast Discussion:

It may offically be spring, but winter weather is returning to the Pacific Northwest. With a trough of low pressure sitting over western Oregon and a strong jet stream headed our way we’ll continue to see the storms lining up back to back. We have about 5 storms to get through this week. We made it through two yesterday and will see storm number three today.

Today’s storm will look very similar to yesterday. We’ll see scattered showers, breezy winds and potential thunderstorms through the afternoon. Highs will stay in mid 50s. The snow level will drop as low as 3,500 feet which means snow will continue across the Cascade Passes. They’ll likely pick up 2-4″ today and 3-6″ tonight. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Wednesday night and Thursday.

The next storm arrives Thursday afternoon. This will likely bring in the heaviest rain of the week. The valley will see close to an inch of rain Thursday night through Friday. The snow level will climb with this storm as high as 6,000 feet by Friday night.

Showers will continue off and on through weekend. Highs will stay in the mid to upper 50s with lows in the low 40s.

Keep that rain gear handy!
~Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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  1. Gary says:

    I was wondering if anyone reported small tornados in the valley today. At approximately 3:15 today I was at a park in Santa Clara with my dog when I heard a loud roar followed by blinding hail and wind that bent trees over. We had little time to react as even my dog was frightened out of his mind. This was very scary, I lived on the Oregon coast as a child and remember the Columbus day storm clearly but this event scared me worse than that. This happend so quickly I didn’t know what do, the umbrella I was carrying was torn from my hand and I ran to get away from the tree’s toward my car. My wife was home (about a quarter mile from the park) and said the tree’s around our house were going back and for for a quick moment but she had no idea of what we had gone through…I believe our house was just on the edge of it. This really scared me! I now wonder of the horror people must go through in an f4 or f5 …..I’ll never forget this.

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