Strahm Does It All For Sheldon

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EUGENE, Ore.– Over the years, Sheldon High School has had its fair share of good football players. But some say Connor Strahm could be the best yet.

“We’ve had really good wide receivers. We’ve had really good running backs. We’ve had really good quarterbacks. We haven’t had anybody like him who can do it all,” said Sheldon head coach Lane Johnson.

“He’s a very smart player,” said quarterback Taylor Alie, “He knows where to get open; where to be on defense; and he’s always in the right place at the right time.”

“He’s alright,” joked Sheldon lineback Ivan Faulhaber, “I’ve played with him since we were little kids so I know all his little tricks. I don’t know how people can’t tackle him. I feel that if I went one-on-one with him, I could tackle him.”

Opponents couldn’t tackle Strahm in 2011. He had 26 touchdowns and more than 1,600 total yards of offense. On defense, he had seven interceptions. He earned First-Team All State honors on both sides of the football. Which side will he play on after high school?

“Right now I have two [college] options as a receiver, and one on defense. Ideally, I’d be a defensive player” said Strahm.

And after the loss to Lake Oswego in the state title game, defense is where Strahm wants to improve.

“My tackling could get better, definitely. There’s two plays that I remember in the state championship game that I missed a couple tackles. Definitely could have changed the game if I could have made those.”

Strahm has the athletic pedigree. His mother Kim [Manning Strahm] was a softball star at Oregon and is going into the Duck athletics Hall of Fame with the likes of Phil Knight and Joey Harrington. His father was an All-American wrestler for the Ducks. And his younger brother, Kellen, is a sophomore on the football team. Sounds like a competitive household.

“Yes very [competitive]. Growing up, just the basketball games out in the cul de sac, or going to hit [baseballs]. It’s always been a competition, and I think that has really helped both me and my brother,” said Strahm.

The senior hopes he can lead Sheldon back to the state title game. Head coach Lane Johnson is okay with that, but has one problem with his star player.

“The only think I have an issue with right now is his hair – it’s a little long. But other than that, we’ll keep him around for one more year,” said Johnson.

A question Strahm will have to answer at some point this year is ‘where will he play football next?’ As of right now, he has three collegiate offers: Montana, Portland State, and North Dakota.

We asked him what his dream school would be.

“I’ve been a Duck my whole life. But I’ve become more realistic; I don’t run a 4.2 [forty-yard dash].”

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