Street Bond Measure to Possibly Be on Ballot

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s city council will decide Monday whether to put a $43 million bond measure on the November ballot.

It would pay to fix streets and work on bike and pedestrian projects.

This bond would fund 76 different projects throughout Eugene, like one section of First Avenue and Van Buren Street.

If passed, some projects would start in 2014.

It’s a continuance of the bond measure passed in 2008 that funded a list of street fixtures for five years. That bond money dries up next summer.

This new bond would pay for street repairs for the following five years.

That’s bittersweet for residents because it means more summer construction and continuing to fork out money but better roads in the end.

The bond provides money needed to fix streets that the local gas tax can’t cover.

This new bond would cost the average Eugene property owner $127 a year for five years. That’s about what homeowners paid since 2008.

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