StrikeWatch: Students Walk Out

Medford STUDENT-WALK-OUTMEDFORD, Ore. — Thursday marks the start of week three of the Medford teachers’ strike, and five minutes after the bell rang to start the day on Thursday, students got up from their desks and left.

Those students say they won’t be going back Thursday. Students at both high schools say they got a Facebook group message Wednesday night telling them about the walk-out. Some of the students even say more people showed up on Thursday than previous days this week, just so they could be part of the walk-out.

At 8:35 a.m., about 100 students chose to leave their classrooms both at North Medford High School and at South Medford High School. Students at North say their student body president, Aaron Brown-Moore, organized the walk-out along with another student leader at South.

Students who walked out say, after two weeks with substitutes, they’re nervous about the alternate schedule becoming too normal.

“I’ve kind of been noticing the subs getting used to the rooms, like putting up and getting all these books and stuff and having it look like their room, and I kind of feel like that’s not okay,” said North Medford freshman student Brady Straub.

Many of the students at North Medford said they had permission from their parents to participate. Students say they hope the walk-out sends a message that they want the strike to end and their regular teachers back in the classroom.


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  1. Charles Wical says:


    The classrooms belong to neither regular teachers nor substitute teachers; they belong to the school district, which is funded by taxpayers (either directly or through government).

  2. Jana K says:


    It is true that the district owns the physical buildings. However, true ownership of a room should belong to the students. It is THEIR education. These students have formed their own opinions–something for which we should applaud them–and have taken the initiative to express those opinions through action. This is the outcome we want in public education. These kids should be applauded.

    1. Charles Wical says:


      I would imagine (!) that most of those students’ parents are taxpayers – and that many of those students will ultimately be paying taxes for their children’s’ schooling. Teachers come and go (hopefully the good ones stay); students come and hopefully graduate; the physical structures stay (and hopefully are maintained or replaced). So, while these structures, including classrooms, are owned (by whomever is not the issue or purpose of this strike), their main purpose is to be “vessels/pipelines/enablers/…” for educating our children – not belong to someone/anyone. I would certainly not applaud an education whose opinions are based on material/possessive things only (although I think this was not that student’s sum-total opinion).

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