Strip Club Sign Stirs Up Controversy

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A strip club sign raised some eyebrows Monday. Some neighbors say the wording of a playful St. Patty’s Day promo went too far and was inappropriate.

As Springfield resident Steve Andreson drove by Spyce Gentleman’s Club Monday morning he did a double take.

“It’s not appropriate, it’s a real kind of negative crude slang everyone knows what it means,” Andreson said.

Andreson says the sign caught his attention because of the wording. The sign promoting Spyce’s St. Patrick’s Day specials, said “Come Get Lucky with Green Beer” but the first word wasn’t spelled correctly.

“I support their right to free speech, but this sign I believe is not just bad taste, I think it’s very offensive to most people who live in Springfield,” Andreson said.

He says while people have the right to express themselves freely, it’s inappropriate to have a sign with such wording, especially when anyone can read it.

“Probably, literally thousands of cars that go down the street, many of those cars have not just adults but young people, children who may ask questions about what the sign means,” Andreson said.

“It’s crude, it’s immoral. As far as I’m concerned it’s things that we don’t need to put out in the public. They’re breaking god’s laws as far as I’m concerned,” said Springfield resident Helen Thomsen.

Other neighbors say it doesn’t help a city that’s been trying to regain a better reputation.

“We used to have some really bad, trouble bars downtown. And in fact if you looked at crime, in the city when you got to that block of downtown Springfield it was the highest in the city it just spiked off the chart,” said Neil Laudati, City of Springfield Spokesman.

Laudati says the Springfield community has been working hard to regain a cleaner image. He says there’s a difference between being offensive and making jokes.

“On a street there’s actually an adult book store, they have a reader board. For years this guy’s put comments up on the board. They’re not offensive. They’re funny. But he put some thought into them, you can repeat them to your grandmother,” Laudati said.

Laudati says while the city can’t enforce sign content, the community can voice their opinions. In this case, the community was heard.

Managers at Spyce were not immediately available for comment.

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