Strong Storm Hits Florence

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FLORENCE, Ore. — Between the waves crashing into the shoreline, the wind rattling between strands of grass on the coastline, and heavy rain hitting the sand, it was a pretty loud afternoon on the coast.

But the storm wasn’t the only sound filling the air. “The bands are all here ready to play and so we’re here for people who want to come,” said Keith Carrico, Florence Septoberfest organizer.

The third annual Septoberfest took over downtown Florence during the weekend. “Well attendance yesterday we think we had 250 people here. The weather wasn’t quite like this, we had the dancers out in the area here, the Scandinavian dancers from Junction City,” said Carrico.

With a more consistent rain shower Sunday, only a handful of people showed up to listen to music and grab a bite of German food. “It’s great to have festivals like this. Florence has really stuck to this one real good for three years but we didn’t have rain for two of those. Of course the whole Northwest is getting rained upon now,” said Carrico.

People who live in the coastal town said although they always have soggy fall weather, a storm of this magnitude is rare. “This is a little windier than normal, but we often have rain,” said Florence resident Sherry Fitzgerald.

Although the storm produced some major wind gusts, residents didn’t see any major damage. “I had a potted tree that flew over in the night, but nothing big, I haven’t been out looking for that today,” said Fitzgerald.

Event organizers are hopeful they’ll have better weather in years to come. “Next year come on out. A little rain shouldn’t stop anybody today even if it’s three to four inches and 40 mile an hour winds,” said Carrico.

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