Student Arrested After Alleged Threat

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OAKRIDGE, Ore. — Classes were in session at Oakridge High School Tuesday after police took a 15 year-old student into custody early Tuesday morning. The arrest followed a threat the student allegedly made. “A high school male had made statements that on Wednesday May 7,2014 a week from tomorrow he would bring a gun to school and harm students,” said Dr. Donald Kordosky, Oakridge School Superintendent.

His fellow classmates took it seriously and told police what they heard. “The students who reported the comments are to be commended on bringing that information to their parents and then to police and school officials. This action of reporting by students resulted in a safe and conclusive ending to the situation,” said Kordosky.

After interviewing students Monday night, the officers went to the suspect’s home Tuesday morning. “He admitted to it that he made the threats. In his possession in his backpack were a couple of knives that were located that were stolen,” said Chief Dale Scobert, Oakridge Police Department.

While they didn’t find any firearms, police said they had to act fast to make sure everyone was safe. “It deeply concerned us and all over the country we take these you know, very seriously,” said Scobert.

As students in the quiet town go about their daily routines, just like on any other school day, police and district officials said they’re thankful for those who acted fast and prevented what could’ve been a much different outcome,” said Scobert.

“We spend a lot of time working with kids and telling them when they do hear a threat or if they have any information that could prove to be a threat to let an adult know right away. These kids did exactly what they were supposed to, the parents did what they needed to do to create a safe environment,” said Kordosky.

The teen is currently lodged in the Department of Youth Services facing charges of harassment, disorderly conduct, and theft.

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