Student Joins Prestigious Army Band

EUGENE, Ore. — Local members of our nation’s military gathered at Sheldon High School Tuesday to honor a student with a promising future.

Cory Mayer has been chosen to join the U.S. Army’s All-American Marching Band, a group so exclusive only 125 musicians and color guard members are chosen each year.

The soldiers gave Mayer a prestigious All-American Bowl jacket, but that’s not all. He’ll also get to play with the band during halftime at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in January.

“I’m so excited. I can’t wait for December when we fly out to San Antonio, and we get to play with a bunch of talented musicians from around the country. It’s just going to be great,” Mayer said.

“He’s incredibly musically inclined, very talented kid with a bright future, and those are the kind of kids that we like to have on tour with us,” said Selection Tour representative Tyler Olsson.

Mayer wasn’t just chosen for his skills as a musician. The Army also says he embodies loyalty and integrity.

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