Students and Neighbors React to Arrest

Schley, Timothy Michael mug

EUGENE, Ore. — A man is in jail Friday after turning himself in to police for sexually abusing a minor.

Timothy Schley was arraigned earlier Friday for sexual abuse of a minor.

Schley, an athletic trainer at Willamette High School, turned himself in to Eugene police yesterday.

Willamette High School students say most of them heard the news via social media Thursday night and they were shocked about the news.

They say the school officially told students about the situation Friday morning and they think the school did a great job. Students say parents were also informed and they plan on talking to their parents about it.

“So, there’s nothing left unsaid and there’s no tension of awkwardness in the household and so, I think it’s going to get talked about,” said a student at Willamette High School.

“I heard an email went out so, my mom probably knows about it right now but I didn’t tell my mom anything yet because I didn’t if it was real or not,” said another student.

They say today feels just like a regular day and there’s not much buzz in the hallway about it.

Neighbors I talked to say the news raised concerns but say they hope for the best for the school and students. Eugene police say they haven’t received any phone calls about more potential victims.

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