Students at Laurel Elementary Share Advice on Being a Mom

By Melissa Frey

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Being pregnant means you get all kinds of advice and sometimes it can come from the most unlikely of places. I found this out when I visited a local elementary school earlier this week.

I became passionate about the weather at a very early age and one of the perks of my job is getting to talk to students at local schools about the weather. I had the opportunity to do that this week in Junction City, but it turns out they had just as many lessons for me, as I did for them.

The students at Laurel Elementary School were excited to learn about the weather. We talked about forecasting the weather and the instruments we use. The students knew their thermometers, but the crowd favorite, as always, was the barometer.

After a brief introduction to weather, they were sold on being junior meteorologists.

Mrs. Smith’s fourth graders, and Ms. Nielson’s second graders both agreed to be an official StormTracker 9 weather station and track the weather for Junction City every day.

Now while I was the expert on meteorology, it turns out they are experts too, on being kids.

The students got wind that I am expecting a baby soon, and they were prepared to teach me what it takes to be a mom and care for a little one.

Some of the advice was very practical: “Well, sometimes when they cry, they either have a full diaper, or they need to be burped or they’re hungry,” said Megan Nelson. “Don’t keep the baby in the sun too long,” said Austin Teran. Autumn Hover reminded me to feed the baby and Hunter Vancurler said, “Be prepared, always carry extra diapers.”

The students also know what it takes to be a good mom. “Sometimes I couldn’t go to sleep in my crib, so she would sing me a song,” said Nelson. Austin Teran said her mom takes care of her and Shelby Contreas said, “When I was a little girl she used to read me a book.”

While that picture of being a mom sounded sweet, not all the advice was so glamorous. Several students said their mom’s and dad’s drive them places and Shelby Contreas let me know this: “They sometimes poop and it smells really bad.”

But they also offered advice on how to have fun, too. Hunter Vancurler said I should probably teach my son how to throw, and they’d probably like to tackle,” said Vancurler.

And just to make sure I wouldn’t forget, each student made me a card with their advice.

I want to thank all the students in Mrs. Smith and Ms. Neilson’s classes for all of the great advice and gifts. They truly did teach me a few things.

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