Students Back in School After Snow Days

EUGENE, Ore. — Friday was the first and last day of the school week for kids in Eugene and Springfield. 4J students haven’t had class since last Thursday, and Friday many told KEZI 9 News they were relieved to be back in school.

Elementary school kids said they had a lot of fun during their snow days and spent time sledding, making snow angels, and building snowmen.

But some said missing an entire week of school was a little much and they were excited to open those books again. “I’m very excited to see my teacher again,” said Ethan Halliwill, a second grader at Holt Elementary.

Other students weren’t so excited to be back in class. “We thought it was kind of ridiculous since tomorrow is Saturday,” said Tristan Yellowtail. “It was like the first day of school and then it’s the last day of the week,” said Megan Yellowtail.

Next week they’ll be back in school for the whole week. Then it’s winter break the week after that.

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