Students Compete in 72-Hour Film Project

EUGENE, Ore. — Students at the University of Oregon are participating in a film-making competition as part of the Cinema Pacific Film Festival this weekend.

While films are playing at different theaters around town this weekend, 36 students are busy making short films. It’s called the Adrenaline Film Project. During the competition students have 72-hours to make a film from start to finish.

Earlier Thursday, students polished their scripts and planned out the process of shooting the film.

Twelve teams of three planned every detail for the film, including how long they would spend filming each scene.

The student teams met with mentors throughout the day to get approval on scripts and plans before shooting the film.

“We’re a really big part. We are the longest running piece. We started actually on Tuesday, so we start before the festival officially begins,” said Meghan Adamovic, Adrenaline Film Project Organizer.

Contest participants say they’ll spend almost every last minute they have working on their film.

Each group received a different genre of film to create, ranging from horror films to romantic comedies.

Each team has until Saturday at 5 p.m. to finish their films. Then the festival will screen the films Saturday evening.

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