Students Compete in Robotics Scrimmage

CORVALLIS, Ore. — High school students from across the Willamette Valley competed in a robotics scrimmage Saturday.

During the past six weeks, teams assembled robots from scratch using different strategies to try to make their robot a winner.

While some students created robots that could throw Frisbees, others created ones that could climb. The Corvallis High School team’s robot climbed a tower, which was worth more points than most tasks.

“There aren’t nearly as many teams here as there are at an actual competition, but even so, it still fairly accurately represents the atmosphere that is an actual competition,” said sophomore Kieran Prince.

The scrimmage was just practice; the teams have three days to make corrections to their robots. They will then send them to Portland where the statewide competition is held. That competition takes place the weekend of March 7.

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