Students Compete in Solar Car Challenge

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EUGENE, Ore. — The sunshine is bringing people out of the house, and for middle school students all over Lane County, it’s also driving their fun.

On Saturday, EWEB hosted its 17th annual Solar Challenge at Cal Young Middle School in Eugene. Teachers were given EWEB-donated supplies and for a month, taught about solar power and related topics.

The students are then challenged to build their own solar-powered cars. Hundreds of middle school students from Lane County participated in the event, which EWEB hopes inspires kids to learn more about science.

“They get a ton out of this. They get an experience with science that’s hands-on and fun. They learn a lot of scientific concepts by actually doing things instead of reading about them in textbooks,” says EWEB Grant Coordinator Tim Whitley.

Prizes were handed out to the top two finishers in the multiple categories they had.

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