Students Compete in Solar Powered Races

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EUGENE, Ore. — Hundreds of students from Lane County went head to head in a solar car competition Saturday.

Middle schoolers participating in the 2013 Solar Challenge worked on their solar-powered cars four four weeks and were ready to win the competition.

To get to the solar challenge, students had to first have the fastest car in their class. There were a number of competitions that took place Saturday afternoon, including speed, climbing and artistic contests.

Some kids created a solar powered motorized boat, while others created cars that could climb up elevated boards.

Event organizers say this competition has gained popularity each year.

“It just keeps growing, we have a record number of teams this year, 160 teams of middle school students,” said John Femal, EWEB Community Education Coordinator.

The speed competition was a double elimination race, meaning if students lost the first round, they got a second chance.

Physics students from the University of Oregon stepped in to judge cars based around science concepts. As far as artistic cars, anyone attending the event got to act as a judge for that part of the competition.

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