Students Create Light-Up Dance Suits

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Three Oregon State University Engineering students have created light-up dance suits that will be worn by professional dancers on a national tour.

The Utah Ballroom Dance Company contacted the Engineering School as part of its Collaboratory Project. Other companies such as Texas Instruments and Tektronix pay students to work on projects for them, something students say is valuable.

“It feels like I’m working as an electrical engineer,” said Brian Benavidez, one of the three electrical engineering students working on the project. “I mean, I know I’m not because I haven’t worked in the field yet. But it’s an amazing experience to be able to work with a company and create a product that they want.”

The dance company is going to use the students’ invention to create its own costumes. Chelsea Collette, Tuan Truong, and Benavidez made the technology, but the dance company will make its own designs.

“For this to actually be used and for people who are outside of this department to see what we’ve done is really exciting,” Benavidez said. “To actually create things that can be used in a practical sense.”

The dance company is coming to OSU on its tour sometime after the New Year.

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