Students Diagnosed with Pertussis

BLACHLY, Ore. — Two Triangle Lake Charter School students are recovering from the whooping cough that is affecting the rest of the school.

School administrators say two students tested positive for pertussis, more commonly known as the whooping cough, at the school in April. Both kids are a part of the third grade class.

Once school administration found out about the sickness, it sent a letter home with each student describing the symptoms of the cough.

It also recommended any students, especially those in the third grade class, showing any sign of respiratory illness contact a doctor.

“When we knew we had one confirmed case, then some others were getting tested. So these weren’t the only ones that were tested. They’re just the only ones that were positive,” said Anni Thiessen, Triangle Lake School District.

Although the school says just those two students had the whooping cough, administrators say doctors put the students’ siblings on antibiotics as a precaution.

Every student at the school is required to get the Tdap vaccination unless they receive a religious exemption for the shot.

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