Students Donate Food to FFLC

EUGENE, Ore. — Students at César Chávez Elementary School have been collecting food for a local pantry for the past couple weeks.

On Thursday they got to make their big delivery.

Nine shopping carts full of food were donated to Eugene Faith Center’s Food for Lane County food pantry, located just across the street from the school.

“This is out seventh year doing this, and our kids look forward to it,” said Denisa Taylor, Principal of César Chávez. “Delivering 1,200 pounds of food makes the kids feel really good, makes the staff feel really good.”

Taylor says the school focuses on teaching students about community service. They do a number of outreach events throughout the year, but she says this one is their favorite.

“It creates a very caring environment,” Taylor said.

It’s clear the students enjoy helping.

“It makes me feel happy to know that I’m helping other people,” said fourth grade student Ava Albrecht.

“I do not like it when people are…hungry and not fed for a really long time,” said fourth grade student Ife Nnoli.

Staff at Eugene Faith Center’s pantry say almost all of their food comes from Food For Lane County, so this is their only fundraiser throughout the year, and it really helps. They say it gives them joy to see the kids so happy to give back.

“It’s just so wonderful to get kids involved in such an early age in being a part of the community and helping out the needs of the community,” said Kathy Rice, Community Life Pastor.

Because a majority of the items donated were staple items, organizers at the food pantry say that food will help feed families for the next few months.

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