Students Explore Digital Learning

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EUGENE, Ore. — Wednesday is National Digital Learning Day, and Eugene students are inviting the public to see how they’re integrating technology in the classroom.

At Holt Elementary School, hearing impaired second graders created their own e-book for the iPad. It’s just one of the ways students will shine a spotlight on technology in the classroom at Wednesday’s event.

Currently 1,500 students in the 4J School District have access to iPads at school. It’s part of the iPad Pilot Program, an Apple-distinguished program that the district won last week. At Sheldon High School, students are using the program to enroll in AP biology and chemistry classes online.

Cal Young, Monroe and Madison Middle School are piloting science textbooks as well. Not only are students using the tools available on the tablet, they’re creating interactive tools as well, such as books, newspapers and film.

Students at Kennedy Middle School have also created Lego robots that they have programmed to come to life. Churchill High School students will show off a printer that prints 3D objects.

The public is invited to get a glimpse of the new digital learning environment. The event is at Chavez Elementary School, Wednesday at 3:45 p.m.

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